About Study Program

Swiss German University’s Food Technology Department offers the opportunity to join a fast growing food industry. A unique combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences gained during two internships, in Indonesia and Germany, provide our graduates with appropriate skills in science and technology, together with creative and innovative flair.


To be one of the leading Communication Science Programs in Indonesia, with a fully professional and International outlook.


  1. To provide high quality teaching and learning experiences in the field of Communication, supported by a modern curriculum in accordance with developments in the field of Communication Science and market needs.
  2. To provide and facilities research conducted by the ‘civitas academica’ to develop the field of communication science.
  3. To implement the result of scientific research into society.
  4. To organize cooperation with the communication industry, educational institutions, the government and society.

What You Study

You will learn about every aspect of the food processing industry, from the knowledge about food material characteristics to food packaging and storage technology. New food product development is also highlighted during the study, as well as food safety and quality, and the economic overview of the food business.

Download the curriculum here.

Why in SGU

Graduates of the Food Technology Department are known for their “ready to work” capability, and thus are highly sought after by food and food-related industries in Indonesia. Besides their technical skills, graduates are also experienced in teamwork and other soft skills obtained through numerous projects.

Career Prospect

SGU’s Food Technology Department graduates have plentiful career opportunities in every sector of more than 300 food and food-related businesses, including (but not limited to) food product companies, ingredient industries, and food-related machinery and equipment supplier corporations. Additionally, they have the prospect as consultants, researchers, analysts and enterpreneurs.


Internship Destination


  • Agoes Soehianie, PhD.
  • Reza Septiawan, PhD.
  • Dr.rer.nat. Filiana Santoso
  • Maria Dewi P.T Gunawan Puteri, M.Sc, PhD.
  • Ir. Abdullah Muzi Marpaung, MP
  • Elisabeth Kartika Prabawati, STP., MFoodSt.
  • Jan Sudir Purba, PhD.
  • Dr. Ekowati Chasanah
  • Dipl.-Ing. Haznan Abimanyu, PhD.
  • Dr. Yonathan Asikin