About Study Program

Swiss German University’s Food Technology Department offers the opportunity to join a fast growing food industry. A unique combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences gained during two internships, in Indonesia and Germany, provide our graduates with appropriate skills in science and technology, together with creative and innovative flair.

Vision and Mission

What You Study

Farm-to-fork science, engineering, and business. Here, we learn how to run (and also create) industry that will feed more people with safe, tasty, and healthy food. The FT SGU curriculum is defined by Indonesian Association of Food Technologists and Institute of Food Technologists.

Why in SGU

A. Focus in INDUSTRIAL and INTERNATIONAL experience
  1. Joint degree Indonesian-German System: Education conducted under the license of Indonesian Ministry of Education Regulation and in Conformity with German Education System
  2. International oriented curriculum: English and German language classes are given for 3 or more semesters since the first entrance. All classes, laboratory practices, lecture materials, and thesis are conducted in English. Some of the classes and research activities can be conducted in the partner universities abroad.
  3. Industrial oriented curriculum: Large portion of the internship period (9-14 months) and project-based learning.
B. INTENSIVE and TAILORED learning experiences
  1. Small classes designed to allow discussion and role play to support depth and understanding
  2. Personalized approach that allows each student to apply individual strength
  3. Character and soft skill building through research and community service projects that are integrated in study courses

The Future of Online Learning Program

Online Learning program in Swiss German University is committed to helping you achieve success. In addition to providing high quality, Swiss German University will also accompany you in each stage of the learning process with the mission of flexibility that you can attend classes from anywhere. Easy access to all learning material provided, and guarantee you to stay connected with students or our lecturers.

Learn how to pursue your success career through our online learning experience.

Career Prospect & Alumni Profile

SGU’s Food Technology Department graduates have plentiful career opportunities in every sector of more than 300 food and food-related businesses, including (but not limited to) food product companies, ingredient industries, and food-related machinery and equipment supplier corporations. Additionally, they have the prospect as consultants, researchers, analysts and enterpreneurs.

What is waiting after finishing the study?

What does FT Students do after they Study?

  • Entrepreneur
  • Work in Industry
  • Further Study

Do FT Graduates work/study in food sectors?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you think SGU Graduates are good candidates on your work place?

  • Yes
  • No

Why do you think SGU Graduates are good candidates on your work place?

  • Multinational Skills and Experience
  • Familiarity to the working environment
  • Excellent Characters
  • Good academic quality
  • Others


Internship Destination