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Do you love food? Want to create new food product? Wanna be a food scientist? Wanna know how our traditional food may become global commodity? Get your international experience in learning about food science, technology, and industry in SGU Food Technology!


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Pradipa Osadawedya Syarif

Marketing Lead – Kraft Heinz Papua New Guinea

Food Technology SGU 2006

Able to graduate from Swiss German University played a crucial part of my career. The experience gave me such a boost of confidence that I can achieve something that I used to believe it is impossible;
1. Never thought I would be able to survive years of studying food technology delivered in English;
2. Never thought I was able to communicate in 3 different languages;
3. Never thought I was able to earn money in Germany while studying and visited Allianz Arena. The whole journey in SGU was full of unique and positive challenges that not only will shape your functional skills but as well as your personal development for the future career.
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Chrystian Adhiputra

Senior Brand Manager – Coca Cola Company

Food Technology SGU 2007

I would describe Swiss German University has played a key role in my professional experience. It was exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. I was initially attracted here by the international university reputation and my career goals. The best thing about the degree is having the freedom to think of an idea and test its practical application. I feel extremely lucky to be in an environment that is surrounded by true professionals and allow me to do research on what interests me the most. To any new students coming to the University, I would say this: Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way. If it gets too much, you can always scale back, but those opportunities can make all the difference between getting what you want and having to settle for second best.

Randy Ferrera

PT Frisian Flag Indonesia – Head of Quality Assurance

Food Technology SGU 2007

Having a double degree and internship experience twice, in Indonesia and Germany surely a once in a lifetime experience that SGU offer, this also brought a lot of confidence in me facing the real life working conditions. Especially at my current job which is still related to my study of food technology.

P.S I am working at the company where I did my first intern 🙂

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Chelsea Soedarma

NSF International – Regional Food Safety Auditor

Food Technology SGU 2010

I found that studying in SGU was fun and I have had lots of support from my lecturers. Internship experience was also one of the most memorable moments both in Indonesia and in Germany. All of them have equipped me well that I find no difficulties in finding jobs. I am very glad that SGU graduates are keenly sought as they have great English fluency and working adaptivity. I love my current job and I have a great feeling to know that I will make sure that I make people food are safe to consume. During my graduate program, I also feel that the depth of knowledge in Food Technology that I have learned in SGU was comparable (and sometimes even more) to my friends from all over the globe that have joined the Erasmus+ Program with me. Many friends on my batch have continued their study in Germany and get a job placement there. I think SGU has given us an international base that make us globally acceptable.

Student Association

SAFT (Student Association of Food Technology)